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Meet the Engines



From 2023 (Built 2017)

This twin bogie locomotive was previously owned by a group in Weymouth, that built it from a kit. The manufacturer Phoenix Locos name it the "Titan Bogie". The naming of the locomotive "Bluebell" was chosen by our volunteers that look after the Pre-loved cabin who raise funds for the railway.



From 2019 (Built 2019)

This engine is specially dedicated to the owners wife (something to do with justification of purchase!). You'll see this engine rambling up and down the tracks at every opportunity soaking in the scenery. 



From 2018 (Built 1996)

One of our original engines and always happy to muck in when the going gets tough. 

Named after the famous red engine on Thomas the Tank Engine series, this perky little fellow will always put a smile on your face. 


JUBILEE (Tom Smith No.14)

From 2022 (Built 1977, Rebuilt 2022)

Jubilee is the oldest locomotive at the railway. It was built using a 1950s milk-float motor and boatbuilding materials to a design by Tom Smith, a pioneer of fun, electric trains for miniature railways. Having been derelict for over a decade Jubilee is restored and looking regal, named to celebrate the Queens Jubilee.



From 2020 (Built 2020)

A scratch built engine with comfy drivers seat, essential for hours of enjoyment. Lots of power and excitement from this beauty, but is it a real steam engine? You'll have to find out. 



From 2018 (Built 1982)

Previously owned by former Prime Minister David Lloyd Georges' family and ran at the private Langton House miniature railway. It was the inaugural locomotive to the Bridge View Light Railway. 



From 2018 (Built 2010)

Based on the Hibberd Planet 0-4-0 diesel shunter, this smooth and sprightly little engine has been running the tracks since the first metre was laid. Often said to be the Chairman's favorite engine, but for all we know he probably says that about all of them.



From 2018 (Refurbished 2018-2020)

Often found working the yard or running on special events. This work horse is scratch built and has been completely refurbished by one of our youngest members! 

Hamish and Lady Pamela
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